Special Session 4: Intelligent Perception and Control of Networked Motion Control Systems


Dan Zhang, Zhejiang University of Technology, China
Jun Cheng, Guangxi Normal University, China

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Industrial automation has entered a stage of rapid development. The overall industrial upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry has begun to accelerate. The demand of leading manufacturing enterprises for new technologies, new products and new solutions such as robots and intelligent equipment continues to rise. The time has come for the large-scale popularization of motion control technology. The motion control system, based on the motor as the carrier and relying on the network control technology, has been widely used in industrial motors, CNC cutting machines, robot equipment and many other fields. With the transformation and upgrading of today's industry, the motion control system is developing towards the direction of openness, networking and intelligence. However, after the introduction of communication network into motion control system, the perception, interaction and control mode of the control system have undergone tremendous changes, which has broken the relatively closed and trusted environment of the control systems and brought great challenges to the analysis and design of the motion control systems.

This special session welcomes, the research on intelligent networked motion systems that could effectively improve the performance of the system including perception, optimization, and control. We believe that this special session will contribute a practical and comprehensive forum for exchanging novel research ideas or empirical practices.

Keywords: Industrial cyber-physical systems; motion control systems; intelligent robots; robust control techniques; intelligent filtering; deep learning; cyber security; intelligent vehicles

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
*Intelligent modeling and control of networked motion control systems
*Deep learning-based monitoring of motion control systems
*Optimization of communication resource
*Adaptive control of control systems
*Learning-based control of motion systems
*Cyber attack diagnosis of autonomous motion systems
*Security control of networked motion control systems
*Other related topics on networked control systems