ICCAR 2020

ICCAR 2020 | Singapore (Virtual Conference) | April 20-23

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Opening & Keynote Speeches

During early 2020, many countries and regions has been going through a hard time due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Due to this reason, 2020 The 6th International Conference on Control, Automation and Robotics has been converted to a virtual conference.

The below are the distinguished guests participating on the morning of April 20, 2020 & April 21, 2020.

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Winners of Best Presntation

Sample-Based Motion Planning for Multi-Robot Systems
Mr. Murad Muradi and Rolf Wanka
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg; BMW Group, Germany

Comprehensive Evaluation of Man-machine Interface of Shield Main Control Room based on Matching Goodness
Prof. Xingyu Jiang, Shengshun Ma, Xiaoying Pang, Haojie Sun, Yisong Jin and Peng Qi
Shenyang University of Technology, China

Fail-Safe Controller Architectures for Quadcopter with Motor Failures
Mr. Gene Patrick S. Rible, Nicolette Ann A. Arriola and Manuel C. Ramos, Jr.
University of the Philippines, Philippines

Collision-free Navigation of Flying Robots in Outdoor Environments with Dynamic Obstacles
Ms. Yang Zhang
University of New South Wales, Australia

Target Force Tracking and Automatic Contour Surface Processing in Grinding of Industrial
Robots Dr. Shifeng Huang, Zhihong Zhu, Jihong Chen, Xing Zhou, Jiaxun Yu, Peiyang Gao, Haoqing Wang
The National CNC Engineering Technology Research Center, China

Intensity and K-Means Clustering based Treatment Classification of Posterior Capsular Opacification
Ms. Raisha Shrestha, Waree Kongprawechnon, Leelasawassuk Teesid, Nattapon Wongcumchang and Toshiaki Kondo
Thammasat University, Thailand

Processing Time Optimization for Robot Applications
Mr. Murad Muradi and Rolf Wanka
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg; BMW Group, Germany

Design Modelling and the Performance Analysis of a Recycling Drum Dryer for a Salt Adsorbent
Mr. Y.M.C.L.Kaviska Yapa and J.G.A.Saliya Jayasekara
University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Portable Keyword Spotting and Sound Source Detection System Design on Mobile Robot with Mini Microphone Array
Mr. Muhammad Bagus Andra and Tsuyoshi Usagawa
Kumamoto University, Japan

A Method for Covert Video Surveillance of a Car or a Pedestrian by an Autonomous Aerial Drone via Trajectory Planning
Dr. Hailong Huang, Andrey V. Savkin and Wei Ni
University of New South Wales, Australia

Imitation Learning for High Precision Peg-in-Hole Tasks
Sagar Gubbi, Asst. Prof. Shishir Kolathaya and Bharadwaj Amrutur
Indian Institute of Science, India

Signal Processing Scheme of Step Excitation Electromagnetic Flowmeter based on Outlier Elimination and Double Median Filtering
Bin Li, Mr. Yue Yan and Jie Chen
Shanghai University, China

Smart and Sustainable Home Aquaponics System with Feature-Rich Internet of Things Mobile Application
R Mahkeswaran and Assoc. Prof. Andrew Keong Ng
Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore

Partner Approximating Learners (PAL): Simulation-Accelerated Learning with Explicit Partner Modeling in Multi-Agent Domains
Mr. Florian Köpf, Alexander Nitsch, Michael Flad and Sören Hohmann
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Designing of an Amphibian Hexapod with Computer Vision for Rescue Operations
Mr. Tanay Misra, Parthsarthi Rawat, Santanu Mitra and Aakash Sinha
Shiv Nadar University, India

The Bioloid GP Robot with Different Configurations for Simulation in V-REP Controlled by the Robot Operating System (ROS)
Mr. Francisco Yumbla, Emiliano Quinones Yumbla and Hyungpil Moon
ESPOL Polytechnic University, Ecuador

Self-training Pupil Detection Based on Mouse Click Calibration for Eye-tracking Under Low Resolution
Mr. Chenyang Zheng and Tsuyoshi Usagawa
Kumamoto University, Japan